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✅ Coding Blocks Review

Coding Blocks is a leading programming institute in India that offers comprehensive courses in various programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, and web development, among others. With a team of experienced mentors, students can learn and master coding skills while receiving extensive placement assistance and doubt support. The institute focuses on providing a holistic learning experience, offering practice opportunities and career guidance to help students excel in their coding journey.

At Coding Blocks, students can access a range of learning resources, including live classes, free learning materials, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. The institute also offers a career bootcamp program to equip students with the necessary skills for the industry. Additionally, Coding Blocks provides the option for guided learning online courses, ensuring flexibility and affordability for students.

Many alumni of Coding Blocks have achieved remarkable success in their coding careers. They share inspiring stories of how their hard work and determination led them to victory. The institute's teaching methodology, assignments, hackathons, and doubt resolution system have received high praise, pushing students to explore their limits and achieve great success. Choosing Coding Blocks has proven to be a transformative decision for many individuals, and they credit the institute for their growth and accomplishments.

Coding Blocks

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This review uses data collected from Coding Blocks's website, as well as other online sources, to help you decide if Coding Blocks is the right platform to learn programming and software development.

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🎯 Target Audience

The target audience for Coding Blocks is individuals of all skill levels, including beginners and those looking for advanced coding courses, who are seeking comprehensive programming education, mentorship, and career support.

How do you know if Coding Blocks is right for you?

Coding Blocks is best for individuals who are aspiring to learn and master coding skills in various programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, and web development.

The institute caters to students, working professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their programming knowledge and expertise.

The courses offered by Coding Blocks are particularly beneficial for college students in their first and second year who are preparing for placements and internships. These courses cover data structures and algorithms, competitive programming, interview preparation, web development, Android development, data science, and more. They are designed for absolute beginners and do not require any prior coding experience.

Additionally, Coding Blocks provides extensive placement assistance and comprehensive doubt support to ensure that learners not only acquire the necessary coding skills but also have the resources and guidance to excel in their careers. The institute's industry-aligned curriculum and project-based learning approach contribute to the students' overall growth and make them desirable candidates in the tech industry.

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🎓 Programming Languages

The table below provides an overview of the programming languages offered by Coding Blocks so that you can quickly see if what you need is available.

Coding Blocks Programming Languages
C++, Java, Python, NodeJS, Django, Web Development, Data Science & many more.

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📌 Coding Blocks Features

The table below provides an overview of the features offered by Coding Blocks so that you can very quickly see if the features you need are available.

Career Services
Interview Prep
Mobile App (Apple)
Mobile App (Android)
Get More Info Visit Coding Blocks

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💲 Coding Blocks Pricing

The table below provides an overview of the pricing offered by Coding Blocks so that you can very quickly see if the features you need are available.

Price (Per Course) INR 1350 - INR 8999
Free Trial
Student Pricing
Team Pricing
Pricing Link Coding Blocks Pricing

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💵 Refund Policy for Coding Blocks

A clear, accessible refund policy is vital for businesses, demonstrating confidence in their offerings and readiness to refund unsatisfied customers.

Coding Blocks has a refund policy, which is summarized below.

The refund policy states that you can only apply for a refund if your Batch or Course has not started. Once the Batch or Course has started, the fee becomes non-refundable. However, if you have a genuine need or reason, you can request to shift your batch from one to another.

Link to the Coding Blocks Refund Policy

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📧 Contacting Coding Blocks

You can contact Coding Blocks using the following methods:

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coding Blocks Online?

Coding Blocks Online is the best online programming and software training institute that offers online certification courses in Java, C++, Android, NodeJs, Data Structures, Machine Learning, Interview preparation, and more.

What can I learn from Coding Blocks Online?

At Coding Blocks Online, you can learn a wide range of programming and software development skills, including Java, C++, Android, NodeJs, Data Structures, Machine Learning, and Interview preparation.

How can I practice my coding skills with Coding Blocks Online?

Coding Blocks Online provides a platform for you to practice your coding skills. You can access comprehensive learning materials, video lessons from industry-expert mentors, and real-time doubt support to enhance your coding abilities.

Does Coding Blocks Online help with job placement?

Yes, Coding Blocks Online aims to help you land your dream job. They offer internship and job opportunities with big companies like Amazon, Samsung, CueMath, Zomato, and more. They also provide hiring referrals through their worldwide alumni network.

What are some popular courses offered by Coding Blocks Online?

Coding Blocks Online offers a variety of popular courses. Some of the popular ones include the C++ Master Course, Dynamic Programming, and Data Science Master Course.

Who are the mentors at Coding Blocks Online?

Coding Blocks Online has experienced mentors such as Kartik Mathur, Monu Kumar, Mosina Ashraf, and Abhishek Srivastava. These mentors provide high-quality video lessons and guidance throughout your learning journey.

What are the exclusive features of Coding Blocks Online?

Coding Blocks Online provides comprehensive learning materials, prioritized doubt support, live webinars for doubt clearing, the flexibility to revisit and revise course contents, evaluation and certification upon completion, and the opportunity to get industry-ready and land your dream job.

How does Coding Blocks Online promote coding culture?

Coding Blocks Online is dedicated to promoting coding culture among school and college students. They provide an ecosystem of mentors, teaching assistants, lectures, assignments, and a community of like-minded people to ensure students learn the right things at the right pace.

Can I participate in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) with Coding Blocks Online?

Yes, Coding Blocks Online offers opportunities to participate in Google Summer of Code (GSoC), which is a global program focused on introducing students to open-source software development.

How can I contact Coding Blocks Online for admissions or technical support?

For admissions, you can contact Coding Blocks Online at [email protected] or call 1800 274 4504. For technical support, you can email [email protected] or call 964 333 9747.

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⚙️ Conclusion

The information in this Coding Blocks review is presented to help you make your own, informed, decision about whether this has the best programming course for you.

How do you know if Coding Blocks is right for you?

You can use this data to compare Coding Blocks to other online learning platforms and to assess how well the courses meet your needs.

If you are considering Coding Blocks but still unsure, we recommend that you research further by visiting their website, checking customer reviews, and social media channels like Reddit to see what other people are saying.

Hopefully, this review of Coding Blocks has given you further insight into what they offer, and if the features they offer are what you're looking for.

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🔀 Alternatives to Coding Blocks

If you are looking for alternatives to Coding Blocks, below is a list of comparisons to the most popular competitors.

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